Bottle Openers
Stainless steel bottle openers on each corner of your Fatboy.

T-Handle Latch
High grade rubber bear proof latches.

Quick Drain - Easy Open Button
Releases air to drain your cooler faster with the lid closed. Allows you to open your cooler easier if the lid becomes vacuum locked.

Non-Skid Feet
Each Fatboy comes with four replaceable non-skid feet. Keeping your cooler off the hot ground while minimizing sliding.

Removable Handles
Removable handles on the 45QT and 75QT coolers. This style handle can also be added to 20QT coolers, but it is not included.

Drain Assembly - 20QT, 45QT, 75QT
Drain Assembly is completely replaceable and also includes a drain cap tether. Cooler bottom has a "V" groove for complete draining.

One Piece Drain - 70QT
70 QT Models have a one-piece drain plug. Cooler bottom has a "V" groove for complete draining.

Lockable Corners
Corners can be locked with a padlock for extra security. Padlock makes cooler bear proof. Locks not included.

Non-Slip Lid
Textured cooler lid provides a non-slip surface.

Lid Molded Ruler
Each Fatboy has a lid molded ruler to measure your catch on. 20QT 15" Ruler, 45QT 21" Ruler, 75QT 27" Ruler.

Full Length Hinge
Durable full length cooler hinge.

Freezer Style Gasket
Gasket seal locks in the cold and saves your ice for the long haul.